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I am so glad you are here!

I'm Mindy, a wife, mother of two

energetic kids, a farmer,

a creative & artistic soul that is

passionate about life and therefore

I am passionate about so many wonderful

things this world has to offer.

If you have dipped into the enneagram

craze, I'm a 9, so that should explain

a lot!  



My  passion for photography has spanned my entire life. I have started my own photography business specializing in Lifestyle & Documentary Family Photography, but not to leave out Seniors, Couples, Maternity, Adoption, Engagement, Branding, Events, and Real Estate. Recently I started shooting film photography which is so fun and bringing back many wonderful memories. I love incorporating film photography into my sessions. You should check out my galleries as I am building my portfolio.





I have been a dedicated LuLaRoe Retailer for over 3 years now. I have a beautiful boutique located in our farmhouse in Colorado and local shopping always includes seeing all our animals! If you aren't local then you can browse all my inventory by entering the online Boutique here.


I've found that there are so many things that bring me joy in life like coffee (duh), gardening, our farm animals, reading & binge watching Netflix (it's a problem), BoHo Style, macrame, all things natural like homemade soap making, essential oils (I've been using for 13 years), and dehydrating foods (I make a mean jerky!), and would I be a bad Mom if I didn't mention my two kids (lol).

Thanks for being interested in all the things I love in this life! I'm happy you are here!



Film Photography

Essential Oils


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