• Mindy Warman

Let's Talk About Fevers.

Let’s talk about fevers. You may not have known that my son had Periodic Fever Syndrome (PFS) for many years. I was forced to be extremely knowledgeable in treating fevers. He would get high fevers, think 105.8, for 5 days straight every month. His came like clockwork every 27 days, hence the name “period”. Most of us know about piggybacking (alternating) Tylenol and Motrin every 3 hours for fevers. If you didn’t know that then I’m glad to share this and help someone out there. My son’s fevers were so high and hard to bring down to even 103 that we were told to piggyback every 2 hours at one point. As a Mom wanting to do all I could to help him, I turned to so many alternative methods besides just the medication that would only lower his fevers a few degrees. At the time, I had actively and daily been using essential oils and making my own personal blends, so one of the first things I researched was treating fevers with essential oils. Peppermint oil has been a life saver for our family. When he was little I would put one drop in a lukewarm bowl of water and give him a sponge bath avoiding his face and hands so he would’t get it in his eyes. It has always been successful for him in bringing his fever down a few more degrees. At 9 years old now, he honestly loves it and asks for it when he has a fever. He had a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy years ago and doesn’t classify as PFS anymore, and can I say what a life changing and freeing experience it is now as a parent not dealing with a constant sick child, where his body’s thermostat was stuck and was always fighting off an invisible infection with a high fever. For those that are in the thick of it now with this syndrome I offer you the biggest hug. I’ve been there. It’s exhausting and isolating. So many plans changed last minute, like when we were at my nephew’s wedding that we flew across country for and had to take my son to the ER during the reception. That was a normal for us. If you know someone going through this syndrome with their child offer to help. The child is not contagious, their body is just fighting something not actually there. Just this week he’s had a fever. It doesn’t happen very often, now that he’s not classified PFS anymore, and compared to what we used to deal with. When he has a fever now, he is fighting a real virus. No, I don’t think it’s the coronavirus and neither did his doctor when we called. His is more sneezing & sore throat. At one point his fever yesterday was 105.2. A high temperature like that would scare a parent that hasn’t had to deal with high fevers before. I quickly gave him a dose of Motrin and started my usual bowl of lukewarm water and three drops of peppermint EO. Now that’s he’s older I use more drops than just the one drop I had used when he was just a toddler. I started his sponge bath with him standing right in the middle of the kitchen fully clothed. With this method, I first wring out a rag in the peppermint oil water and rub down his back over his entire spine. I then run down both arms. After wetting and wringing the towel a second time I then wipe his legs and his stomach. A third wet and wring is then followed by rubbing the back of his neck. When he was younger and laying in bed during sponge bath I would leave the towel right there on the back of his neck. In recent years, I follow it up by placing the rag over his forehead and have him lay with his eyes closed for a spell. Yesterday after his sponge bath that took all of five minutes and only five minutes after his dose of Motrin, we checked his temp and had brought it down to 103 from the 105.2 with just this sponge bath! As soon as the Motrin was well in his system 30 minutes later his temp was completely back to normal. The whole reason for telling you our story is for the people that run out of medication during this crazy time in society right now, or have a loved one that gets sick with a high fever and feels helpless, there is more that we can do. Most people have essential oils on hand more now than ever and peppermint is such a popular oil. It beats not being able to do anything at all. And if you don’t have any essential oils, just a sponge bath the same way will help release heat from ones body to help bring the fever down a bit. I pray you stay well, but just remember that we are capable of great things with even very little.

I’m rooting for you. I’m rooting for us. (From the comforts of my home.) Mindy

(Mindy with her happy, healthy, and recovered Periodic Fever Syndrome son.)

Photo by KC Lostetter Photography.


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